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Attention to detail and 30 years of achievement

Quality products are a direct result of the pursuit for perfection in Quality Control. Campower International Precision utilizes the strictest controls and most demanding of checks throughout the manufacturing process of each index drive we build. We are always improving already superior functionality, high precision performance, and deliver on our promise to provide the highest quality index drives to our customers.

  • Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine


  • Mitutoyo Roundtest


We demand quality to give you the best!

Campower International Precision has achieved our position as the leading index drive manufacturer through excellent R&D as we continuously build on a heritage of the ultimate in machining technology. Our unique research and development capabilities allow us to give customers your exact needs. Campower's innovative technology and progressive R&D have produced the largest shaft distance of any cam splitter at 450mm. In addition to excellent performance under heavy loads, we spare no effort in achieving high precision and stability in our pursuit of perfection.

Agilent Laser Based Metrology

Agilent Laser Based Metrology

Campower uses the world's finest Dynamic Laser Calibration systems from Agilent to achieve the highest standards of precision - 0.4ppm. These tools allow us to achieve precision standards of measurement and perform digital analysis, as well as complete monitoring of index drive parts throughout the production process. This powerful technology allows us to actively prevent production errors and maintain the high levels of accuracy, precision and functionality our customers have come to depend on.