Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Titling 2-Axis Rotary Table
Product Description
  • Zero Backlash
  • High Precision High Efficiency
  • Preloaded High Rigidity
  • Wear Resistance
  • Low Thermal Deformation
Table Diameter (Can Add to Ø70) mm Ø170
Table Reference Hole Diameter mm Ø60H7
Through Hold Diameter mm 135
Table Width mm 195
Base Positioning Key mm 12H7
Table Heighet At 0° mm 14H7
Center Heighet At 90° Degree 0.001º
Servo Motor Rotary Axis Title Axis
FANUC α if 2
β is 4
α if 4+B
β is 8+B
SIEMENS 1FK7060+B 1FK7034
Swing Angle deg 360 -20~+120
Max. Roation Speed rpm 100 75
Gear Ratio   1/48 1/60
Indexing Accuracy arc sec. 30 20
Repeatability Accuracy arc sec. 8 4
Net. Weight kg 128
MAX. Allowable Load on the Table    
Vertical kg 30
Horizontal kg 30
MAX. Allowable Thrust Load on the Table (When clamped)    
Allowable Axial Load kg 620
Max. Output Torque kgf 22
Continuous Output Torque kg.m 13
Allowable Bending Torque kg.m 30
Max. Allowable Moment of Inertia kg.m2 0.1