Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Titling 2-Axis Rotary Table
Product Description

Our Roller Drive RTB-Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Tilting 2-Axis Rotary Table, The tilting shaft and the rotary shaft are composed of roller cam mechanisms. Through precise adjustment of preloading, each needle bearing is tightly fitted with the camshaft surface to achieve zero backlash, low wear, high rigidity and high precision. It is suitable for industries such as electronics industry and auto industry that require ultra-precision tilting 2-axis linkage processing.

UnitTitling ARotary C
Table Diameter mm Ø250 Ø300
Table Reference Hole Diameter mm Ø80H7 / Ø50
Center Height mm 285
Table Width mm 14H7
Revolution rpm 50 75
Maximum drive torque Nm 1200 540
Clapming Torque Nm 1100 460
Indexing Accuracy arc sec. 40 20
Repeatability Accuracy arc sec. 4 4
Servo Motor Fanuc α if α if8 / 3000 α if4 / 4000
β is β is12 / 3000 β is8/3000
Mitsubishi   HG154S HG104S
SIEMENS   1FK7063 1FK7060
Gear Ratio 1 / 60 1 / 60
Hydraulic Pressure kg/cm2 35 60
Power Supply   220 V 3相 220 V 3相
Angle Of Roation Range deg ±120 360
MAX Allowable Load on the Table 在水平0° kg 125
傾斜±120 ° kg 90
MAX. Allowable Thrust
Load on the Table
(When clamped)
kgf 1600
F x L
F x L
Max. Allowable Moment of Inertia kgf-m2 1.5