Taiwan's cam technology
Begins with CAMPOWER.

Countless advancing footsteps have left lasting footprints in the pursuit of high quality. Campower International's 'focus' is on diverse applications and technical development of cam mechanisms and 'accuracy' is our ...

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Cam Rotary Table
Revolution in Exchange

The high precision, high speed, fast transmission, extremely low wear, and various models and specifications make CAMPOWER's cam rotary table a highly valuable machining equipment. It can...

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4 Axis Rotary Table

Campower's four-axis cam rotary tables highly valuable...

4-Axis / 5-Axis Rotary Table

CAMPOWER's RTB series, as a fifth-axis cam rotary...

SPC Series

high precision, high rigidity, zero backlash, and low wear....


CAMPOWER's Rotary Tailstock, 
Quill Tailstock...

Other Accessories

CAMPOWER's Fixture-BasePlate, RightonPoint, Chuck..

With Our Strengths

We welcome all our clients with the same aspiration to move forwards with us. Together, we will bring Taiwan's precision machinery to shine on the world stage.

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Responsible Enterprise
Creating a Better world

CAMPOWER Precision Machinery is actively committed to achieving a 100% ESG commitment, with a particular focus on social impact and employee well-being. Through ongoing social contribution initiatives, we strive to enhance local ...

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Sales Network

CAMPOWER Precision Machinery has an extensive marketing network with distributors across the northern, central, and southern regions, as well as Shanghai. This ensures comprehensive market coverage and provides customers with swift and convenient services, further solidifying CAMPOWER's position in the industry.

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