What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, representing the three key dimensions of a company's or investment's performance. This concept assesses the entity's impact on the environment, its relationships with society, and the quality of its governance practices. Environmental considerations focus on ecological impact, social aspects on community and employee relations, and governance on transparency and fairness in management. ESG is aimed at promoting sustainable development, encouraging more businesses and investors to prioritize social and environmental responsibility.



Campower is committed to comprehensive ESG practices, particularly in the environmental aspect. The company has implemented systematic digitization by inputting customer data and order information into the ERP system, significantly reducing paper consumption. This initiative not only enhances operational efficiency but also actively contributes to environmental sustainability within the ESG framework.

Supply Chain Management
In supply chain management, Campower Precision Machinery adheres to the principle of selecting suppliers in nearby regions to minimize carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. This strategy not only reduces environmental impact but also reflects the company's commitment to social responsibility. 

Product Life Cycles
Regarding product life cycles, the company focuses on extending the lifespan of products from the research and development stage. This commitment aims to reduce the frequency of replacing consumables, thereby lowering resource consumption. This initiative underscores Campower Precision Machinery's dedication to sustainable development.

Terms of Information Disclosure
In terms of information disclosure, the company adopts a digital approach by uploading product catalogs to its website for convenient online access by customers. This digital method not only minimizes the use of print materials but also ensures real-time information dissemination.
Overall, Campower Precision Machinery's ESG practices go beyond technological innovation, emphasizing attention to environmental protection and social responsibility in details to achieve sustainable development goals.



Campower places a strong emphasis on the "S" (Social) component of ESG, focusing on fostering a transparent and fair workplace environment. In the realm of supply chain management, the company has taken steps to enhance social responsibility. By establishing a comprehensive list of suppliers within the ERP system, Campower Precision Machinery ensures efficient and organized management of procurement processes. This approach not only streamlines supplier relationships but also contributes to the overall social sustainability of the company.

To reinforce its commitment to a fair and transparent work environment, Campower Precision Machinery has developed an employee handbook. This handbook encompasses various aspects, including salary and benefits structures, overtime regulations, promotion criteria, and more. By clearly outlining these policies, the company strives to create an open and just workplace, fostering a sense of trust and fairness among its workforce.

In addition to formalizing supply chain practices and internal regulations, Campower Precision Machinery actively engages in community-building initiatives. These efforts extend beyond the company's immediate operations, promoting social welfare and contributing positively to the broader community.
Through these initiatives, Campower Precision Machinery not only aligns with the principles of ESG but goes beyond compliance, actively shaping a workplace culture and supply chain practices that reflect a commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices.



Campower is committed to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, focusing on the "G" or Corporate Governance aspect. In the financial and accounting domain, the company implements comprehensive measures. All expenses are accurately recorded in the ERP system to ensure the precision of financial records. Moreover, Campower Precision Machinery engages a professional accounting firm for auditing and tax reporting, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Terms of Customer Order and Service Processes
In terms of customer order and service processes, the company strives for efficiency. A rapid and effective customer order processing system has been established to promptly address customer needs, maximizing satisfaction and operational efficiency. This reflects the company's dedication to customer care.
Furthermore, Campower Precision Machinery regularly convenes shareholder meetings, where annual financial reports are publicly disclosed. This practice demonstrates the company's commitment to transparency and fair governance, ensuring that shareholders have a clear understanding of the company's operations. Through shareholder meetings, the company establishes an open and trustworthy communication mechanism with shareholders, encouraging their active participation in corporate governance.

In summary, Campower Precision Machinery, in the realm of ESG Governance, ensures rigorous financial management, efficient customer service processes, and transparent corporate governance practices, paving the way for sustainable development.