Commitment to service” has deeply engraved in our employees’ DNA and has become our culture and legacy.

Precision is our Minimum Requirement


Founded in Tanzi in 2011, Campower International Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. has inherited 30 tears of expertise in cam manufacturing from Tan Tzu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.


In 2013, Campower International pioneered in successfully developing Taiwan’s first Cam Clutch Coupling Index Table in collaboration eith Tan Tzu Precision and Foxconn.  


Campower’s innovation momentum never stops. 2015 saw the successful launch of, Taiwan’s first Auto Pallet Changer with the ability to reduce pallet change time from 15 seconds to 6 seconds. It meets our clients’ requirements for both productivity and quality by providing higher production efficiency and stable durability.


In 2016, Campower again launched Taiwan’s first Embedded Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Fourth Axis Rotary, which immediately caught the eyes of major machine tool manufactures. Its mechanism properties of high precision, high rigidity and high efficiency combined with the fast zero backlash shifting of the roller Gear Cam can ensure stable machining quality in mass production for our clients.


In 2018, Campower developed RTA100 Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Tilting 2-Axis Rotary Table, RTB650, RSH wobbler machine.


In 2022, Campower developed RTAD200 so as to resolve the problem that increased productivity.


Campower continues its development and refinement, introducing the "RTB125 Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Tilting 2-Axis Rotary Table" in 2023. Additionally, improvements have been made to the "RSH wobbler machine", aligning the products more closely with the needs of our customers.

Countless advancing footsteps have left lasting footprints in the pursuit of high quality. 
Campower International’s “focus” is on diverse applications and technical development of cam mechanisms and “precision” is our minimum requirement.

We have imported high precision machining equipment from Japan and Germany, which are our best guarantee of quality.

High precision measuring instruments represent our rigorous requirements for quality because we provide only the best products for our clients to use.

With our stronghold in Taiwan, aiming for the world, developing high precise CNC/NC 4-axis/5-axis rotary indexing table for our clients is the driving force for our counting advancement.

We welcome all our clients with the same aspiration to move forwardswith us.

Together, we will bring Taiwan’s precision machinery to shine on the world stage.